Mira Jaan
b.2001, South Africa


Mira Jaan is an artist based in Cape Town South Africa.

Their primary medium is gouache and their core concern is androgyny, doppelgängers, double lives. For them no body is ever one thing, we are all split genetically, spiritually, emotionally in search for all eternity for our twin. The figures in their art resemble them, but they are not a mimetic reflection of them as a person. It’s more about them or anyone as an idea, an idea of how one projects themselves, what one aspires to, what one aligns themselves with, what constructs the notion of the ‘self’. They aim to eliminate any narcissistic connotations associated with self in their art and instead enter the silence of selfhood and ask themselves ‘what is the you that is you but what is the journey you’re undertaking when you make or tell a story’. In paintings that focus on the embrace, they dramatise this quest. It is not symmetry they seek in their twin devision but the inescapable and necessary condition of love - to love.

They are currently finishing high school and aim to study and get a BA in contemporary art to practice curatorship in future.

They have exhibited at three Emerging Artists exhibitions as part of First Thursday’s, the exhibition “Pink Is Not Dead” curated by Jana Terblanche and an upcoming exhibition curated by Igsaan Martin.


Apartment X THEFOURTH 2020.09.15–2020.10.31


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