of Form by Michal Korycki 
2022.12.15 –2023.01.21

Assemblage is the pursuit of both the architect and the artist. To gather and construct a unified object, building or space requires an intrinsic inquiry into the relationships that govern both the architectural and artistic process. South African sculptor, Michal Korycki, finds his practice defined at the precise intersection of both these aspects - with the former being his twenty-year spanning career, and the latter being the channel through which he can simultaneously apply architectural principles, and reprieve himself from its constraints. In the first edition of 4X4 by THEFOURTH, and akin to the experimental intention of our newest exhibition series, Korycki showcases ‘of Form’.

This body of work dialogs the architectural process as a series of relationships and processes through sculpture. As an inquiry into the truth of architecture (which is neither the building nor the space that defines it), rather Korycki argues that architectural outcomes are manifestations of a myriad of very intimate, dynamic and innate relationships and tensions between people, materials, environment, site, economies and even statutory regulations. With the unbridled, dynamic substance of earthen clay and human hands, Korycki constructs form as a response to his experience of these relationships. Capturing with both substance and method, ‘of Form’ showcases the very essence of the architecture; the human desire to build.

Korycki welcomes photographer Matthew Slater, who joins ‘of Form’ to deepen this showcase in expressing and rebuilding form through composed materials and technique. Slater’s incisive ability to parallel architecture through his own analogue process of image-making draws on analog methods of direct and subtle processes. This collaboration reflects their similarities in viewpoint, albeit from two different mediums, as an inquiry to the relationship laden within making and building.


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Michal Korycki, Matthew Slater