Personal and Political 

An exclusively online group show in partnership with Artsy showcasing works with accessibility as the central focus. Focusing on personal and political works the thread running through each artist’s work is at first subtle, but ultimately ties together an array of perspectives.

Our lives and realities are tempered by the centralising features of hierarchy and order that takes shape in the form of politics. This show contrasts the relationship between personal and political notions as explored by the artists; namely, how our personal perceptions are informed by the political and social environments that we are exposed to. Whether overt, such as Michele Mathison’s portrait of Robert Mugabe, or subtle – such as Yolanda Mazwana’s exploration of oppression through eroticism, each work signals a development of politics as being significantly personal. Whether politics offends us, inspires us, torments or passes us by – it is a pivotal mechanism determining all our lives, and a subject that requires critical analysis at every turn. Art is the tool through which this analysis can continually be refined, deconstructed and communicated. Politics is personal.


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