THEFOURTH Artist Residency Programme offers artists the opportunity to live and work in the city of Cape Town. During a four week programme participants are hosted in a fully furnished apartment in Green Point, comprising two rooms, kitchen, bathroom and outdoor area.

Our aim is to give artists the opportunity to further their practice within a culturally rich and supported environment with easy access to the city as well as prominent art professionals. This residency is directed at artists from diverse socio-economic backgrounds and intends to provide a stress-free live/work environment. The chosen practitioners are encouraged to experiment and be inspired by their surroundings in order to deepen their artistic oeuvre.

THEFOURTH is passionate about giving back to the global artistic community and supporting the cross-pollination of emerging artists on both the local and international stage. At the end of the residency the work produced may form part of a group show or a solo exhibition either at THEFOURTH gallery, or SPACEBY.

Please feel free to apply, recommend or follow our past, current and future activities.

Click here to download our brochure on the residency programme. 


Isabella Innis 2022.11.16 – 2022.12.11