Bastiaan van Stenis
b.1981, South Africa


Bastiaan Van Stenis is of half Dutch, half South African descent and grew up in Cape Town. He is a descendant of the renowned 19th Century English painter Thomas Baines. Van Stenis is primarily a self-taught artist but he received private art tutoring and guidance from a young age. After his schooling in 2000, he dedicated himself to painting full-time. It is said that a good painter is good at solving problems on the canvas – a challenge that Van Stenis enjoys. He veers toward the unexpected then carefully steers it back to somewhere slightly more sensible. The result leaves the viewer intrigued and with a sense of adventure. He works mainly with oil paint on canvas but on occasion uses acrylic paint, glue and found objects in his paintings. Other projects include taxidermy and sculpture. Van Stenis lives and works near Cape Town, South Africa.


Falling Awake 2021.12.01–2022.01.14


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