Falling Awake

Falling Awake brings together a selection of work by sixteen artists, through the consideration of Shona van der Merwe and Heinrich Groenewald under their curatorial handle, Reservoir.

The exhibition looks at the liminal and lucid moments of coming to presence, through complex notions of fluid memory and meditative labour. Time is introduced as non- linear escapes - looping, dissolving and folding in on itself to reveal the plasticity of reality. Through empathy and dreams, Falling Awake considers the mechanics of awareness and the human desire to impose structure on experience; fictions and phenomenology meld, pushing you forward along the slippery boundaries of consciousness.

Reservoir was established in 2021 by two contemporary art professionals living and working in Cape Town, South Africa. Prior to this, the partners had shaped their careers in commercial galleries, where they gained in- depth knowledge of the local and international art market and established a strong network of artists, collectors and industry drivers.

Functioning as a collection of curatorial information - a ‘reservoir’ - the platform specialises in collaboration in the contemporary art community, through career strategising, independent exhibitions, public art commissions and artwork placement.


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