Cathy Abraham
b.1968, South Africa


Cathy Abraham was born in 1968 in Cape Town, South Africa where she currently lives and works. She specialised in process-based art at the Michaelis School of Fine Arts, University of Cape Town (UCT), where she graduated with a Post Graduate Diploma (PGDIP) in 2016 and a Master’s in Fine Art with Distinction in 2018. Abraham’s creative work brings together seemingly disparate entities through participation and a ritual based practice. She uses mediums that reflect the subject matter which include film, mixed media, installation and participation as well as painting and sculpture.

Abraham works systematically to unlock surface meaning in the search for a deeper understanding of the purpose of the everyday. Constantly questioning the boundaries between reality, fantasy and illusion in comparison with existence and death, she uses materials in quirky and playful ways.

Abraham’s practice is grounded in her belief in the links between art and science; spiritual practice and reincarnation; and the search for ways of shifting perspectives. Her work challenges notions of time and space; as well as expectation versus reality—collapsing past, present and future.


9 Spaces: The Abyss of Deep Time 2021.10.17–2021.11.13
House Party 2021.06.16–2021.08.31


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