Hugo Berolsky
b.1982, South Africa


Hugo Berolsky is a ceramicist and sculptor from Cape Town, South Africa. Born in Johannesburg in 1982, he has a BA in literature from UCT. He spent the first half of his career opening restaurants and bars but has gravitated towards sculpture since taking his first ceramics class in 2013.

At present his work takes the form of cast vessels and sculptures using a mix of ceramics, plaster, concrete, acrylic and pigments resulting in a variety of textures and surfaces and colours. His works straddle the boundary between functional and sculptural, and are influenced by sovmod, brutalist and sci-fi architecture.

Themes of ageing and the erosion of time can be seen throughout his work. This sense of deformation and degradation is given to each piece through very deliberate cracks and breaks; and it’s through this imperfection that each piece finds its voice.

Also, sometimes he just makes a vase.


House Party 2021.06.16–2021.08.31
The Spectacle 2020.12.14–2021.02.28
Apartment X THEFOURTH 2020.09.15–2020.10.31


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