Jeanne Hoffman
b.1978, Country


Working across diverse mediums and far-flung geographies, artist Jeanne Hoffman revels in the spaces between things. Paintings, drawings and ceramic objects function as dwelling points – “temporary shelters for thoughts” – as she explores the emotional and socio-cultural dimensions of place. Hoffman states: “There is a direct correlation between travelling across a landscape and the path of a graphic mark that transforms a blank page into an imaginary space.” “Drawing” translates then not only to three-dimensional artistic mediums and physical space, but also to a larger “stage”: Referential forms are assembled in relation with one another, creating movement, dialogue and meaning on the fringes of delineation. Hoffman has held numerous solo and group exhibitions, both locally and abroad, and has participated in residencies in Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland and South Africa.


Falling Awake 2021.12.01–2022.01.14


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