Richard Myburgh
b.1984, South Africa


Richard Myburgh is a visual artist and graphic designer who lives in Cape Town, South Africa. Myburgh has participated in exhibitions including Sasol New Signatures 2018, Skrif, at Woordfees 2018 and Ink On Paper 2018–2019 at the La Motte Museum, with work shown alongside the likes of John Muafangejo, Cecil Skotnes and Irma Stern.

Myburgh's drawings in ink and watercolour combine both spontaneous and controlled brush marks. Portraits are often the subject matter, but they do not necessarily represent anyone in particular. The artwork is open to interpretation and invites the viewer to determine the narrative to form a more accurate picture of themselves and consider the ambiguity of the secret inner lives of other people. Creating the portraits is an exercise in empathy and letting go. A reminder that in the end, we often forget to pay close enough attention to how our thoughts colour our experiences.


Death Row Dinner 2022.02.18–2022.04.02


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