Death Row Dinner

There is nothing quite like the beckoning of the existential curtain call to elicit the deep-reaching excavation into our own experience for recall, review – and possibly regret. In the end, only we hold the necessary empirical evidence to conclude the outcome of our own lives; as all that we have engaged with throughout our lives eventually becomes memories that accumulate in our minds. Central to the assembling of such memories is that of people gathered together in search of satiation whether through food, drink or ritual.

It is this notion around ceremonious convening that forms the foundation of our show, Death Row Dinner, in which the intersection of past nostalgia and gathering intersect as an inquiry into how we reflect on our lives. Our gallery floor lends itself as a walk-through journey that offers anecdotal groupings of the participating artists, inviting the viewer to contemplate their human essentiality, and perhaps our collective ability to avoid or deny our own due date with time - ignorance is bliss, they say, even when it is counter-productive.


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Cathy Abraham, Eva Bartels, Hugo Berolsky, Crystal Birch, Belinda Blignaut, Tarien Bruwer, Bev Butkow, Eva Ceramics, Stuart Dods, Adrian Fortuin, Galia Gluckman, Rodan Kane Hart, Martine Jackson, Michal Korycki, Yonela Makoba, Akshar Maganbeharie, Cole May, Gitte Möller, Billy Monk, Richard Myburgh, Jade Paton, Tracy Payne, Mark Reichardt, Benjamin Salvatore, Reef Sithole, Shakil Solanki, Lizel Strydom, Atang Tshikare, Marsi van de Heuvel, Frances van Hasselt, Diana Vives, Water Dixon, Geena Wilkinson


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Bofred, Curación Collection, HAY Design, Tom Dixon, FLOS, Kartell, Ben Kennedy, Oliver Whyte, Studio August