Sahlah Davids
b.1998, South Africa


Delving into the mediums of textiles and beadwork, mixed media artist Sahlah Davids, uses her heritage and strong affiliation to the realm of religious politics to sow the seeds of her creativity. Since completing her bachelor’s degree in Fine Art at the University of Cape Town in 2020, Sahlah has pursued the intricacies of religion and politics within the field of art and their relationship as one. Thereafter furthering the search for connection between these elements and the curation of pieces that embody it. Through this plight began the creation of the foundation that her work is built on today. Davids has described her methods of creation as the product of the blended learning and trades of the Cape Muslim community specifically the elders within her family. It is within the domestic, traditional and religious spaces that Sahlah draws on the skills of her lineage, the history of their struggles and ultimately the embodiment of their spirituality.


Falling Awake 2021.12.01–2022.01.14


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