Stuart Dods
b.1995, South Africa


Stuart Dods is an emerging South African painter, and sculptor. Raised in Hermanus, he witnessed the small town’s working-class , animated by fishermen, construction workers and small business owners. Stuart discovered early on, that he had a deep admiration for painting. He started exhibiting works with the Rossouw Modern Art Gallery in Hermanus, who supported his creative output.

He chose not to obtain a formal education in art. Instead seeking inspiration and freedom of creativity amongst his artistic peers. He moved into a studio “The Ice Factory” in Cape Town which was instrumental in shaping his artistic vision. When he met South African artist Beezy Bailey, a new chapter began. Stuart initially took up an apprenticeship with Beezy Bailey and this is where their friendship quickly evolved to the point where they now regularly collaborate creatively.


Death Row Dinner 2022.02.18–2022.04.02


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