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THEFOURTH is a contemporary art gallery and design showroom initially located on the fourth floor of the historic Exchange Building in Cape Town's St. George's Mall area. The gallery has served as a dynamic platform at the heart of Cape Town's creative community, fostering connections and collaborations among various creative professionals. Its unique and hybrid space featured a gallery, a concept store, and a private bar, making it both commercial and informative in nature.

The concept of THEFOURTH Gallery and Apartment Vol. is deeply intertwined, despite their distinct purposes. When the sixth floor of the Exchange Building became available in 2019, it offered an ideal canvas for exploring philosophical and practical inquiries related to art and design. Apartment Vol. was born from this exploration, with the intention of providing an intimate space where art and design could be better understood outside the confines of traditional gallery settings. The approach was characterised by non-attachment and constant evolution.

Apartment Vol., serving as an animated domestic environment, laid the foundation for THEFOURTH's brand and gallery. When the fourth floor of the building became available in 2020, THEFOURTH gallery was established, embodying the domestic sense of an apartment but functioning as a versatile space for collaborations, showcases, residencies, and events. Throughout its existence, THEFOURTH has maintained a focus on re-engineering time and space for artistic expression.

The gallery's continuous exploration of exhibiting, curating, and collecting art and design remains a central theme, evident in its archival catalog from previous years. As THEFOURTH moves forward, the brand's potential and vision extend beyond Cape Town, with an ongoing commitment to experimentation and non-traditional approaches to art and design.

While their journey in Cape Town is still unfolding, the spirit of THEFOURTH embraces change and seeks to explore new directions and possibilities in other territories. This commitment to constant evolution is reflected in their decision to move on from the Exchange Building, acknowledging that the exploration of domesticity and non-traditional art and design cannot be confined to a single place, but must remain open, progressive, and unrestricted.


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PUMPED by Keith Henning
Of Form by Michal Korycki 2022.12.06–2023.01.30
The Provenance Part I by Lukhanyo Mdingi
ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS 2022.02.18–2022.03.31
Death Row Dinner 2022.02.17–2022.04.02
Close But Not Too Close | Time Travel 2021.12.11–2022.01.14
Falling Awake 2021.12.01–2022.01.14
Mazwana | Mkonto 2021.11.04–2021.12.15
9 Spaces: The Abyss of Deep Time 2021.10.07–2021.11.13
got Junk? 2021.09.18–2021.09.25
NERVOUS BREAKDOWN 2021.07.19–2021.08.22
House Party 2021.06.16–2021.08.31
Personal and Political 2021.05.26–2021.07.31
Keep it in the Family 2021.03.13–2021.04.10
The Spectacle 2020.12.14–2021.02.28
Apartment X THEFOURTH 2020.09.15–2020.10.31