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Founded in September 2020, THEFOURTH is a contemporary art gallery and design showroom. Housed on the fourth floor of the old Exchange Building in the historic area of St. George’s Mall, the platform is on the pulse of Cape Town’s creative community. The mixed-use space is both commercial and informative in nature and comprises a gallery as well as a concept store and a private bar. The hybrid nature of THEFOURTH promotes interdisciplinary connection and collaboration in order to foster a community of creative professionals. Our aim is to break down traditional gallery structures and offer new contexts in which to exhibit art and design.


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Of Form by Michal Korycki 2022.12.06–2023.01.30
The Provenance Part I by Lukhanyo Mdingi
ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS 2022.02.18–2022.03.31
Death Row Dinner 2022.02.17–2022.04.02
Close But Not Too Close | Time Travel 2021.12.11–2022.01.14
Falling Awake 2021.12.01–2022.01.14
Mazwana | Mkonto 2021.11.04–2021.12.15
9 Spaces: The Abyss of Deep Time 2021.10.07–2021.11.13
got Junk? 2021.09.18–2021.09.25
NERVOUS BREAKDOWN 2021.07.19–2021.08.22
House Party 2021.06.16–2021.08.31
Personal and Political 2021.05.26–2021.07.31
Keep it in the Family 2021.03.13–2021.04.10
The Spectacle 2020.12.14–2021.02.28
Apartment X THEFOURTH 2020.09.15–2020.10.31